Bookish Rant: Problems I Had As A Reader.


We all know that there are thousands of perks of being a reader. But sometimes there are some problems that come along in my reading life which literally causes me an identity crisis. So many people have influenced me in my reading life. Booktube and blogosphere are two major ones. While I receive infinite recommendations from these things, sometimes I lose my way on what the right thing is. So today, I thought that I will share two of the major problems that I had in my reading life.

New Books

The biggest problems that I had which I’m sure everyone can relate to is the urge to buy new books each and every day. I know that this is perfectly normal. We all want to create our own libraries someday so that we can have an unlimited supply of books. But what is not right is when this need to buy new books becomes an obsessive habit. I went through a phase where I only wanted to buy and read new books. This is something that is not financially possible for me and obviously its not healthy either. I looked down upon used books or library books because I used to think that they are inferior. But now I know better. There are lots of people who have talked about this. And I’ll say it again. The thing that is most important is reading. It does not matter where you’re reading from. Whether you have a torn, battered copy of a book passed down through generations or you have a brand new copy of a certain book, reading is the most important thing. I bought so many used books this year and it doesn’t bother me in the least. They are cheaper and when I do not have enough money to buy the new book, I have no problem in buying an used copy.


Being a Book Snob

I should mention that I am majoring in English. So, when I first started college, I saw all these people reading classics and literary fiction that have received numerous awards but I’ve never heard of, I was very disappointed in myself. I felt like I have to change my reading tastes immediately and started reading those books only. And that’s not all, I judged people who didn’t read these critically acclaimed books. I basically became a book snob. When I read too many books of one particular genre, a reading slump is guaranteed. So, as expected, I didn’t like the books I was reading after a while, and stopped reading altogether. This lasted for about six months. Eventually, I realized my mistake and started picking up books that actually entertained me. Yes, I still read literary fiction but I read everything else too. So that I take everything in moderation. Being a book snob didn’t help me. Reading only classics or only literary fiction does not make anyone better than those who read only YA or middle school. Again, the only thing important is reading. So, if people criticize your reading choices, don’t pay any heed to them. And don’t be a book snob. Respect the reading choice of other people.


Your choice is the most important factor that you should consider. If you find something interesting, read that. Even if its got no recognition or prizes. I have many books which I liked but some other people didn’t like. But that doesn’t make that book any less important to me. So, listen to Taylor Swift and shake it off. *inserting obligatory Taylor Swift gif*


That’s all. I may continue this topic another time another day because I haven’t talked about so many things. But tell me what you think about the things I did talk about. What is a major problem that you’ve faced in your reading life? Tell me in the comments. Also, check out my progress in Around the Year in 52 days Reading Challenge in my post today. Again, thank you so very much for reading this. Until next time then!




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