Book Discussion: Looking For Alaska

I just finished reading Looking For Alaska and all I can say is John Green is a magician. I don’t know how he creates such literary magic every single time. The best thing about this man is that he portrays teenagers as real individuals struggling to keep on with their lives, with some real problems (and not just someone trying to figure out what to wear on his or her prom night). This book paints a pen picture, expounding the lives of a group of teenagers.

Miles Halter was new at Culver Creek Boarding school. Tired of being ignored in his previous school (Oh boy, I can absolutely relate to that part), he was hungry for some adventure. Well, he would get his share of adventure, along with heartbreaks and important life lessons, eventually. We get to read the book from his perspective. He had a thing for the beautiful and enigmatic Alaska. Alaska and Margo (Paper Towns reference!!!) were very much alike. Both of them were very much more than just being pretty. Green had sketched them as real people and not just eye candies whose only purpose is to be beautiful and SAY CHEESE!

Miles was awkward, just like any of us. He was not very good at making friends. I personally feel that he and Charlie (of Perks of being a wallflower) were kinda similar. Both were introverts and deep thinkers. They were both bent on discovering something more to life, other than just breathing. Miles sometimes played the role of a mouthpiece for Alaska. He gave words to her unspoken thoughts. They complemented each other. I don’t think that they loved each other in the way conventional lovers do, but they had a thing that would make you go WOW.

The concept of the labyrinth was fabulous. Being alive is beautiful. Dying does not put an end to our suffering. Fighting does. Miles and his friends did the same. Alaska’s death devastated them but they did not give up on life or on themselves and moved on. There is no afterlife. We just make things up as we cannot bear the thought of becoming nothing, someday. Well, that is not something we should be worried about as our “GREAT” will keep us alive in the memory of others, as it happened in Alaska’s case. And being caught in the labyrinth is challenging but also beautiful. I mean, the world is a tough place and it is really hard to preserve our existence, here, but it is also amazing. We are part of the smartest race currently residing on our planet. How cool IS that?

Though the storyline confused the hell out of me at times, I still ship this book. This is Green’s very first book, so this much can be pardoned. All Green-fans assemble fast and drop your thoughts in my comments section. I will be waiting. Bye!

My rating-3.8/5




2 thoughts on “Book Discussion: Looking For Alaska

  1. Have to admit, I really didn’t like this book. Alaska annoyed me so much – the way she treated Miles was awful. I also didn’t like the cheesiness of it all and it was far too stereotypical. But it’s interesting to see that the parts I didn’t like are the parts that everyone else liked 😛

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