Some New Changes and Other Plans

Hi, bibliophiles!

Okay, so some things have changed since I first started this blog. And now, I am adding some new changes! But first, there are few things about which I would like to inform you people.

Firstly, I guess you have noticed that even though there are two writers in this blog, I am the one who wrote most articles. There has been some problems. Ishita, the other writer in this blog, have decided to leave us for personal reasons. So, she would not be writing on this blog anymore. These reasons also prevented her from writing before. Now, you must be thinking that I won’t be able to post so many articles by myself anymore! So maybe, I am going to inform you here that I would only be writing one or two articles each week. Right?


I have been able to get four more writers for this blog. Yes, you read that right! Four more! Now you might be wondering, “Sanchita! What would you do with so many writers?”. The number of articles per week will increase to at least four. I say “at least” because we have plans for more and more articles! If we are able to execute our plans, then this blog will be better than ever! However, there may be some changes with the days in which we post “Book Discussions” and the days we do memes or tags or other things like this. But you guys will be informed about that from beforehand.

So, let me introduce these awesome new people who would be writing in this blog from this week. All these people are my closest friends in college and I love them all very much! They are Bhaswati, Debanjana, Sayantoni and Sayari. We are all majoring in English from the same university. They would all introduce themselves again when they post something.

So, that’s all I had to say. I have to keep silent for the upcoming plans because we haven’t yet decided on anything. But I hope you all will like it! We will try our hardest to write the best articles we can. I hope you guys will like us more for these changes and accept them.

Please welcome these new writers. Also, comment if you want to know anything else about us or the articles we plan to do! Tomorrow, Bhaswati is going to post a Book Discussion on Dark Places by Gillian Flynn.

Until next time then!




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