Book Discussion: Landline by Rainbow Rowell

25669271 This book discussion is going to be another rant. This is another one of those books that I can’t speak coherently about. I was never interested in reading this book. The premise sounded very uninteresting to me before. But now I am glad I read it. Because Rainbow Rowell amazed me again. She is one of those authors who can do no wrong. I have to read Attachments soon because I just can’t have enough of her. Anyway, back to the book. This book taught me a lot about love. I can say this now. Maybe I won’t feel like this after a year or so. But right now, let’s just accept this fact on face value.

Goodreads Synopsis

Georgie McCool knows her marriage is in trouble. That it’s been in trouble for a long time. She still loves her husband, Neal, and Neal still loves her, deeply — but that almost seems besides the point now.

Maybe that was always besides the point.

Two days before they’re supposed to visit Neal’s family in Omaha for Christmas, Georgie tells Neal that she can’t go. She’s a TV writer, and something’s come up on her show; she has to stay in Los Angeles. She knows that Neal will be upset with her — Neal is always a little upset with Georgie — but she doesn’t expect to him to pack up the kids and go home without her.

When her husband and the kids leave for the airport, Georgie wonders if she’s finally done it. If she’s ruined everything.

That night, Georgie discovers a way to communicate with Neal in the past. It’s not time travel, not exactly, but she feels like she’s been given an opportunity to fix her marriage before it starts . . .

Is that what she’s supposed to do?

Or would Georgie and Neal be better off if their marriage never happened?

I practically treated this book like the books in my required reading list. I made so many notes. And I wish I could show them to you. My feelings for one of the characters of this book changed drastically through the course of the story. And so did my interpretations about it. Now, if you haven’t read the book yet, I suggest you to go read the book and then come back because this will be a spoiler filled discussion.

I hated Neal violently when I started reading the book. Something about him just didn’t let me get close to him or try to understand him. The way he gave passive aggressive responses to Georgie about everything, the way he never reacted much but opposed every decision Georgie made, all this just made me violently hate Neal. I felt that he made everything seem like Georgie’s fault even though it wasn’t true. Even the flashbacks ruined Neal for me. He was never the passionate lover that I love to read about. I also found it irritating that however Neal treated Georgie, she treated him like he was her one true love. The instances just made me vehemently opposed to this whole relationship. I was sort of rooting for Georgie to get together with Seth in the end. But slowly, without me knowing it, all these changed.

The writing was just so beautiful that I felt like I was Georgie. And so, when Georgie slowly re-discovered the parts of Neal that are beautiful and caring and just amazing, I discovered them with her. And slowly, I began to like Neal. I would never go so far to say that I loved him, but I sure did like him. I began to accept why he did some things he did. I began to take him for who he was. In the end, I discovered that he was just like anyone else. He was flawed. He wasn’t always amazing, but he was reliable and loving and realistic. This story helped me to understand that even though an adult relationship is not like the oh-so-romantic stories that I read about, it is reliable and sweet, and realistic. And for me, it’s perfect. With Georgie, I found out about the sweet Neal, the one that Georgie had loved and still loves, the one that slowly disappeared. Discovering him was like Tom re-discovering the bad memories he had with Summer in the movie (500) Days Of Summer (Great movie BTW. If you haven’t watched it yet, please do!), only this time, Georgie was discovering all the good ones. I really, really appreciated them. All the characters in this book are very well-rounded, which really elevated the story. Heather was a character I exceptionally liked. And obviously, Seth too. There was this moment in the story where Georgie explains love to Heather, which I really loved. She said, “It’s more like you meet someone, and you fall in love, and you hope that that person is the one—and then at some point, you have to put down your chips. You just have to make a commitment and hope that you’re right.” I couldn’t agree more. In the end, I wanted Georgie and Neal to get back together. The way that Neal accepted Georgie with open arms made me appreciate him more. I even had this love-hate relationship with Georgie. Even though I may not have agreed with her on some of her choices, I accepted it. The ending, in my opinion, was just perfect. You may have noticed that I didn’t talk about the magic telephone at all! It’s just that I felt like telling these things more. 🙂

So, this is what I felt about Landline. Please comment on how the book made you feel. If you didn’t like it, tell me why. I know this discussion is really long, but I hope you liked it. I would recommend this book to everyone. Even though it wasn’t mind-blowing or anything, it was really, really good. It was realistic. And that’s all I can ask for.


My rating- 4/5.

My Goodreads rating- 4/5.



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